Audio Entertainment

Cutting-edge digital audio technologies are a widely expanding industry, and include equipment such as stereos, speakers, musical instrument amplification, and high-end modern home theatre systems.

The highest quality is needed in order to get the best sound experience. We serve our customers in this industry by manufacturing high-quality printed circuit boards for a variety of sophisticated audio systems such as surround sound in home cinemas and studios, ensuring that the performance is equal to or better than the best audio equipment currently on the market.

Home theatre systems representing Audio Entertainment, one of DSM's industry markets.
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) representing Audio Entertainment, one of DSM's industry markets.

From design to testing to delivery, we bring your innovations to market in our state-of-the-art facilities, optimizing process design for speed, quality, and accuracy along with Industry 4.0 and high-end SMT technologies.

Our team of engineers and technologists have decades of service experience that allow us to foresee problems before they occur, and implement advanced analytics for risk management.

We partner with a wide range of audio entertainment businesses. They benefit from end-to-end visibility of their supply chain, reduced time to market, and lower cost. Our facilities also offer dedicated aftermarket support.

  • As a High-End Audio Entertainment company, we have enjoyed a very successful partnership with DSM in Arizona for over 6 years. We collaborated on the design and launch of 3 new systems from prototyping through to production, all assembled in their Arizona factory with excellent quality. DSM has an outstanding ability to react to market conditions such as part allocations and component lead times. Their support throughout the entire product development process was what we were looking for and their Lean philosophy aligns with ours. Shoutout especially to the Program Manager, Teresa, for her amazing service! Overall, we are impressed by how flexible the DSM team is to work with, how quickly they respond, and their consistent on-time delivery. We continue to have full confidence in DSM’s ability to meet our manufacturing needs.

    Robert N General Manager, Emotiva Audio Corp

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