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We exist to help our customers succeed, to elevate the quality of their products, and support their growth.


Our strong partnerships with customers, vendors and industry leaders keep us in the lead.

Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM) is an electronics manufacturing services provider with production facilities in Canada and the United States. Since 2000, we have provided our customers with flexible, customized manufacturing solutions based on their unique requirements. Our service offering includes quick-turn prototyping, volume manufacturing, testing, global component sourcing and box build assembly. Our facilities are ISO9001:2015 registered.

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Dynamic Vision

We partner with our customers to drive innovation, push technology, and create value in specialized products. We exist to help our customers succeed, to elevate the quality of their products, and support their growth. We strive to be leading edge in our production processes and an industry benchmark for customer gratification.

Customer Testimonials

They consistently deliver on time, are very responsive to our evolving needs, communicate proactively, and have excellent build quality. We have worked together to create customized assembly processes and detailed work instructions; optimizing both the timeliness and quality of our builds.Steve M, CEO
Steve M, CEOAware 360
Building products for large-scale telecommunications infrastructure, it’s essential to provide reliable, uninterrupted output to our customers. DSM helps makes this possible, building our complex hardware with unfailingly high quality for 15 years. We value their relationship and look forward to continued partnership in connecting telecommunications systems to end-users.Marshall S, Senior Vice President of Operations
Marshall S, Senior Vice President of Operations Vecima Networks Inc.
We have enjoyed a very successful partnership with DSM for over 13 years. Together we effectively collaborate on many levels including training, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement. Integrating our supply chain systems through POURS and Kanban systems has enabled us to reduce our lead time from weeks to days. Their adaptability in managing our builds, consistency of on-time delivery and excellent quality is essential to our competitive advantage.Mike M, Vice President of Operations
Mike M, Vice President of OperationsNovAtel Inc.