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It’s all about working smarter, not harder; A key success to productivity in Electronics Manufacturing Services

Calgary, Alberta. August 2012 – Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM), a leading North American Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, receives proud recognition from Productivity Alberta, a private, not-for-profit company recognized nationally and globally as pioneers and leaders in productivity improvement, both within and beyond Alberta.

Work smarter not harder, acclaimed credit that DSM conducts such practice as a local electronics manufacturing services provider, based in Calgary, partnering with clients on a local, national and international platform.

Being prepared to re-invent the business model has made DSM more flexible to change, embracing new and innovative ideas to add value for their customers. Understanding a customer’s needs, challenges and goals strengthens partnerships and encourages joint growth and prosperity. Establishing the right culture and internal team provides character and care, ensuring consistent delivery of quality and reliable electronic assembly solutions are ultimately achieved.

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