Dynamic Source Manufacturing Expands its TTC Solution from Cogiscan

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Calgary, Alberta. June 2015 – Cogiscan Inc., the leading Track, Trace and Control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce that Dynamic Source Manufacturing, Inc. (DSM) is installing a major expansion to its Cogiscan Track, Trace and Control (TTC) System. The expanded system will achieve measurable cost savings and improved efficiencies via real-time visibility and control of materials throughout the stockroom, kitting process and entire shop floor.

DSM, a Calgary based electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, has partnered with Cogiscan since 2007 to meet the demanding traceability requirements of its Fortune 500 customers in the telecom and data networking sectors. DSM chose Cogiscan over other possible SW providers based on Cogiscan’s field-proven abilities and expertise gained from many years of focusing on factory-wide TTC projects for the electronic manufacturing industry.

With this latest initiative, DSM is expanding the Cogiscan system to control all component inventory throughout the stockroom. The enhanced system will deploy real-time quantity tracking on the shop floor to monitor the remaining component count in each partially depleted reel. Additionally, the enhanced system will reduce kitting cycle time, increase kitting accuracy and support dynamic stock locations, enabling DSM’s operators to place any reel into any stock location. This will greatly reduce storage shelf space requirements and stocking cycle time, while also lowering the risk of misplaced and lost inventory.

“Cogiscan is proud of our long-standing partnership with DSM,” states Mitch DeCaire, Sales Manager for Cogiscan. “I have always been impressed by their sincere commitment to serve the best interests of their customers. With this project they are taking their lean initiatives to a whole new level, and I can’t wait to see the impact this will have on their bottom line and operational response times.

“One of DSM’s objectives is to continually improve our service offering for our customers,” said Duane Macauley, President and CEO at DSM. “With this upgraded system, we will improve our efficiencies throughout the materials process, providing both us and our customer improved response time, inventory accuracy and critical traceability tracking.”

With the enhanced Cogiscan system, DSM will know exactly which materials to use for each job, and precisely where to obtain them in the optimal quantity to ensure the right material is at the right place at the right time, every single time.

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