DSM’s New Promo Video 2024: Reinforcing our Brand

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DSM’s Relationships

In the realm of contract electronics manufacturing services, success isn’t just in the products we create – it’s in the relationships we build. At DSM, we have made it our mission to be trustworthy, reliable, and innovative, and weave these strengths into every aspect of our brand. For over two decades, we have continued to make our mark in the industry, backed by our loyal customers. They have fuelled our journey and inspired us to elevate our brand to new heights.

We are happy to announce that our new promo video and updated website will be revealed very soon! Thank you to our customers, partners, and community for your ongoing support.

Our Brand

As we release our new DSM promo video in 2024, we want to say that this marketing initiative is more than just reiterating our values. It is a reinforcement of our commitment to excellence. Our message is that we make connections that last – with our customers, our partners, and our team.

Our brand is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our staff. With decades of collective experience, our cross-trained team brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to every project. They are the backbone of our operations, the driving force behind our success.

But our brand also isn’t just about us. It’s about the impact we create in the manufacturing industry. Electronics manufacturing helps to power our world and shape our future. At DSM, it is our connections that make this happen.

Our New Promo Video Release

Our new promo video and photos reflect much more than just a showcase of our accomplishments. They communicate our growth, capabilities, and celebrate our journey and strengths as a contract manufacturing provider. They will serve as powerful tools to enhance our website, empower our sales force, and inspire confidence in customers.

Our team stands together to take care of our partners’ entire production cycle, and handle any situation during the manufacturing process to meet our customers’ exact needs. With our customer success team, sales flow, and our marketing initiatives, our goal is to continue to push boundaries, build trust, and make a lasting impact.

At DSM, we are not just a part of the industry. Alongside our partners in our community, we have the power to create change and transform our industry, one connection at a time.



Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM) is an Electronics Manufacturing Services company, supporting global businesses by bringing their products to market effectively and efficiently for more than 20 years. With manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA, our customers count on us to bring their products to market quickly, efficiently, and with peace of mind, collaborating with you on the entire production cycle.

Our success has been built on trust, integrity, and delivering our customers’ unique innovative requirements. We are dedicated to serving diverse industries such as automotive, communications, energy, and security & defence. Our full suite of services include quickturn-prototyping, volume manufacturing, testing, component sourcing, and box build assembly.

Along with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we are certified through Canada’s Controlled Goods Program and the USA’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations. We are proud to be committed to our Lean philosophy and our organizational excellence program, holding ourselves to a high standard of continuous improvement to provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

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