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An insight into how DSM successfully partners with clients in the Down-Hole Tool Electronics market

Calgary, Alberta. September 2012 – DSM recently presented at the Conventional Energy seminar, hosted by ACAMP (Alberta Centre for MNT Products), at the Cardel Theatre SE Calgary. The seminar brought together Alberta’s innovation community, featuring presentations by organizations involved in developing nanotechnology energy alternatives for conventional energy sources. A seminar in which DSM also chaired the session for “Applications”, enabling us to share valuable industry knowledge and insight with our piers.

The Conventional Energy Seminar was a huge success, promoting innovative products and solutions using micro and nanotechnology in applications used widely across the energy sector, such as oil and gas exploration, mining, upgrading, production and transportation. Such innovative products enhance operational performance, productivity and efficiency, whilst significantly reducing costs, energy consumption, waste and pollution. Sharing this collective experience provides the ability to further assist our clients with Down-Hole Tool Electronics and other Electo-Mechanical Assembly solutions. DSM recognize the importance of collaboration, helping to continually supply quality, reliable Electronic Manufacturing Services, with customized and flexible services to all clients – the path for mutual benefit.

ACAMP is a not-for-profit organization that provides specialized business services to MNT clients including Marketing and Business Development, Product Development, and Packaging and Assembly. You can learn more about ACAMP at:

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