In this tight and ever-changing market, where oil prices and demand constantly fluctuate, you need an EMS provider that is trustworthy and consistent. As a global electronics contract manufacturer offering services internationally, we deliver our diversified expertise and experience in PCB production for all levels of oil and gas. We know and understand your market. Our customer success team will take you through the entire process from beginning to end, including after-market, to produce your product with speed, high quality, and efficiency. We make sure your entire customer experience is effortless; your peace of mind is our goal.

Telemetry Drilling Systems

In the high-temperature and high-vibration environment of the petroleum industry, reliability and workmanship is key. Whether electromagnetic or mud pulse, drilling equipment must stand up to 150°C+ temperatures and operate without fail. We are experienced at building these products to the highest standard.

Oil And Gas
Production Operations

Artificial Lift

We want to make your life easier. Your products are designed to reduce trips to site and ramp up production; we will make that happen with reliable, no-fail products that will power your machinery to do the job right.

Remote monitoring

Depending on a machine for accurate measurements means lower costs, more timely data, and improved accuracy. It also means no room for interpretation – our tailored manufacturing solutions will ensure the machine performs as designed, every time.

Fluid Management

In this industry, fluids are your revenue. Accurate management and measurement of these liquid assets is crucial. Whether it is for mobile or stationary purposes, for a display, controller, or guide wave radar system, we will build the product to give consistent results in any conditions.


Alternative Energy

With the almost unending worldwide electricity demand, efficient sources of renewable energy are the key to the future. To help bridge the gap between electricity supply and demand, alternative energy sources must be reliable to compete with more conventional methods.

With inverter applications from solar and wind to fuel cell sources, we will build you the products to help create reliable and cost efficient sustainable energy sources.

We power your products, you power the grid.

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