Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM) Installs AssureTM X-ray Component Counter from DAGE at Its Calgary, AB. Facility.

Calgary, Alberta. August 2020 – Dynamic Source Manufacturing, Inc., a high-volume, fully integrated, leading-edge technology manufacturing and turn-key assembly organization, has recently installed the Nordson DAGE Assure™ X-ray Component Counter at their Calgary location.

Celebrating its 20th year in business, DSM embraces leading-edge technology when selecting equipment for its state-of-the-art, world-class manufacturing facilities. With its primary focus on Printed Circuit Board Assembly, DSM also provides Mechanical Assembly, Design for Manufacture, and Supply Chain management services for its strategic customer partners ensuring a steady flow of critical customer assemblies and components via their long-term Supplier partnerships.

“Over the past decade it has become apparent that in order for contract manufacturers to stay competitive locally and internationally, selecting quality automation equipment designed into lean, high-volume, efficient assembly processes are paramount.  Such investments allow DSM to be agile in its manufacturing planning and processing while ensuring accuracy, quality, and shortened delivery lead times to our customers.” stated by Kevin Falenda, General Manager for DSM.

“Additionally, with the continued emergence of IoT4 globally, the Assure™ X-ray Component Counter assists DSM on its integration path of ensuring all its factory’s equipment are connected and working together to minimize/eliminate manual labor intensive data processing and line down scenarios by receiving notifications early in the process that can be addressed before they become an issue.”

Business Development Manager from Nordson, Todd O’Neil stated “A company like DSM knows what they want to do from the very beginning making installation a breeze. Immediately after the installation we were able to connect to 3rd party s/w systems for reel and feeder management, which tied into an inventory control storage system. These features are standard on our machine. Before we left after just two days, their team were able to begin their semiannual inventory and count nearly 2000 reels in a couple of days, and with zero programming. This would have taken weeks using the manual counting method”.

Inventory knowledge is essential for modern industry. Whether you are a SMT manufacturer, supplier or broker, live assurance of correct inventory in your MRP system at all times minimizes stock, labor, errors and costs ensuring customer confidence and trust. Keep your SMT lines running.

Assure™ is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to implement live component inventory management into your organization. Intelligent, simple, fast, and trustworthy, Assure™ enables you to increase productivity and minimize component shortage downtime.

For more information about DAGE, visit www.nordsondage.com.


Nordson ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS offers its customers a robust product portfolio, including precision fluid dispensing, plasma surface treatment, selective soldering, and test and inspection capabilities. Comprised of eight complementary Nordson Corporation product brands – ASYMTEK, DAGE, DIMA, MARCH, MATRIX, SELECT, SONOSCAN and YESTECH – Nordson ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS is uniquely positioned to serve its customers with best-in-class precision technologies, passionate sales and support teams, global reach, and unmatched consultative applications expertise.

About DAGE

Headquartered in Aylesbury, UK, DAGE manufactures and supports a complete range of award-winning digital X-ray inspection systems and bond test equipment for the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries.  For more information, visit www.nordsondage.com.

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